April 25 Note - Part 2

    Information for participants

    If you haven’t done so already, please log in and COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE, including links to your social profiles. This is absolutely essential, as it allows teams of people from all over the world to more quickly understand your interests, experience, and skills. This can help to build diverse, high impact teams, and it’s especially important with a remote event, such as this one.

    While it is not required, we highly encourage you to indicate your organization in your personal profile. If your organization has registered for the event, you will be able to select your organization from a list when you edit your profile.

    As a participant, you can create projects, follow projects, and join projects. (Organizations create the challenges)

    Information for organizations

    The structure of this event is that organizations submit challenges to the world’s legal industry. You can submit more than one, directly from your dashboard after you log in as an organization user. Challenges can be related to any issue, whether public, private, non-profit, or commercial. They can be related to your organization or industry, or they can be unrelated. While there may be a social bias toward “public benefit” challenges, the scale of this crisis is so great that commercial challenges are also “public benefit” – consider the societal implications of the potential collapse of the airline, retail, and oil & gas industries.

    We need your insight! Please submit challenges that reflect the unique experience and perspective of your organization!

    Many organizations are interested in fielding teams for the event. This is done by first registering the organization and then asking interested staff to register as individual participants who may then indicate their affiliation with the organization in the participant profile. After registering, participants from the same organization can join the same project to work as a team.


    Challenges are just that – challenges. Currently, there are more than 60 challenges that have been posted, with many more to come. When you click on a challenge from list of challenges, it will bring up the details for that challenge, plus any projects that have been proposed to solve the challenge.

    From the challenge detail page, participants can browse any projects that have been proposed for that challenge. Participants can “follow” a project or create new ones.


    The heart of the FTIL-GLH Challenge is the “project”. As described previously, organizations create challenges, and participants create projects. There can be more than one project per challenge.

    A participant that creates a project is initially the leader of that project.

    Participants can indicate their interest in a project by “following” the project. Participants can follow many projects. This is important for team formation, to help teams to dynamically assemble from among the participants that have indicated interest.

    While the project creator is the initial team leader for purposes of starting team formation, project leadership can evolve as a project team is formed.

    Project teams

    The project creator is responsible for starting the formation of a project team.

    There is no restriction on project team size. Remote hackathon best practices suggest a team size of between 5 and 10 participants, but this range may vary depending on the nature of the challenge and project. For example, a global project may need more members, whereas a narrowly focused technology application might need fewer.

    There is no restriction on project team composition. It is highly recommended that project teams be diverse, in every respect, including organizational affiliation, as this is proven to deliver better projects, but project team composition is ultimately at the discretion of the project creator. This means that teams can be 100% from the same organization or can be a purposeful combination of participants from selected organizations (for example, a law firm and a client).

    We request that all project team members register as participants so that we will have an official roster of all project teams. Even if all project team members are from the same organization, all should register as participants (not just the project team leader).

    Note for participants, with respect to project teams

    More important than any one project is the spirit of this global innovation event. Please make the decision to contribute to the event first and foremost, and secondarily to your project team. To that end, project team formation is at the discretion of the project creator, and you may not be able to join a particular project team. Please view such as situation as an opportunity to explore challenges and projects that you might otherwise have overlooked. In fact, this is one of the unique powers of well-run hackathons – the dynamic allocation of talent. There is a project that needs you, and you can make a decisive impact. Adherence to this ethic is the means by which we will be able to generate 100 or more projects for the benefit of the world and deliver truly global impact. While we may be allocated to many distinct projects, we are one global team, from over 50 countries.

    Outside resources and inviting additional project team members

    There are no restrictions on outside resources, whether individual, organizational, technological, or financial. Additionally, teams are free to invite additional participants to register for the event and join the project team. For example, it may be necessary to recruit participants with specific expertise, in order to successfully complete a project.


    Organizations are encouraged to publicize the challenges that they have submitted, plus the related projects that are formed to solve the challenges, via their normal PR channels, and especially social media.

    Individual participants are encouraged to publicize their projects and related challenges via social media.

    Registration after the event begins

    Registration for the event will stay open throughout the duration of the event, in order to accommodate organizations and participants around the world that will learn about the event from the publicity generated as the event progresses. Please feel free to encourage more organizations and participants to join. More challenges and projects mean more benefit for the world.

    Completed project submission

    The way projects are designed and presented is at the discretion of the project teams, albeit with some guidelines to help them optimize for the project presentation website where projects will be published. We will send additional guidance after the event begins on Monday.

    Here are couple of excellent examples from the Global Legal Hackathon in 2018 and 2019:

    GLH 2018 (Australia)


    GLH 2019 (Poland)


    What to expect on Monday, April 27th

    Monday is the day that project team formation begins. We will turn on additional communication tools to help everyone connect, communicate, and form teams. Please make sure your profile is complete prior to Monday, in order to facilitate this process.

    This is a three-week event, so it is not necessary to finalize project teams on Monday, nor is it necessary to join a project team by Monday. Furthermore, since there are no restrictions on project team participation, it is entirely possible to join a project team even after it has formed. We expect more challenges to be published throughout the first week, with additional projects created and teams formed.

    Good luck!

    From all of us at the Global Legal Hackathon and RSG Consulting, supported by our outstanding global partner The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers programme, we wish you the best of luck in the adventure you are about to undertake. If there is any way we can be of assistance to you, your project team, or your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting many of you (virtually), and to the exciting projects that you will create.

    Together as one legal industry, we will make a difference for the world during this global crisis.

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