Create or Join a Project

Create a Project to solve a specific Challenge that interests you, or you can Follow other Projects that have been create by other Participants. It is not a requirement that you create a Project. If you do create a Project, we recommend that you only create one Project and then work to build a team for it. 

Create Project

To create a project, fist be logged in as a Participant.

Click on Challenges at the the top and find a challenge you want to solve.

Once you have a challenge, click on the challenge and create a project for it.

Follow Project

You can Follow as many projects as you like by clicking on the Follow Project button on the Project detail page. The purpose of “following” a project is to indicate to the Project creator that you are potentially interested in joining that project team to work on the Project.

Project Owner

If you are a project owner, you can add followers to join the project as a team member. 

Your your team member will receive an invite in their dashboard.

Once the team member accepts the invite. They will show as a project team member. 

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