A world-spanning hackathon for organisations and individuals in the legal sector to develop solutions to problems created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The FT Innovative Lawyers programme has over the past 15 years recognised innovators from across the global legal sector for their skills in solving complex problems for business and society. Today, with the COVID-19 crisis forcing businesses, governments, legal systems and individuals in every jurisdiction to confront challenges of greater scale, complexity, and severity than most have ever faced, we call upon legal innovators in every country on every continent to help develop solutions to the urgent legal and related business, government and social problems facing the world.

The FT Innovative Lawyers Hackathon, organised by the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH), and supported by the FT Innovative Lawyers programme, is a three week innovation event taking place online from April 27 through May 22 that will bring together thousands of legal professionals, software developers, designers and businesspeople to develop solutions to the most pressing challenges posed by organizations, governments, and individuals.

Organizations of every type, from every country, are invited to submit urgent challenges that they have identified, which may relate to their industry, their country, or the world. Participants in the hackathon will then form teams to develop solutions to the challenges, which will be made available for public review at the conclusion of the event. Businesses, governments, non-profits, and law firms may then elect to offer support and resources to advance the solutions developed by the hundreds of teams. The overall objective is to harness the collective capability, energy and innovation of the world’s legal industry to support communities, governments, and industries during this global emergency.

A selection of solutions developed during the hackathon will be showcased by the Financial Times through the FT Innovative Lawyers programme.

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